The Cowper’s Glandcowpers gland

The Cowpers Gland is another name for the Bulbourethral Gland. Some confusion exists due to it having two names but they do refer to the same thing. The Bulbourethral Gland is the actual medical name, while Cowpers Gland is a more common term used by non-medical people.

Origin of the name

The gland is named after the renowned English anatomist William Cowper who achieved fame for his published works on the human anatomy during the late 1600s. One of his most significant contributions to medical science was his description of the Bulbourethral Gland. His success in this area led to a popular renaming of this gland after him.

Cowpers Gland Function

The Cowpers gland produces the clear, viscous substance known as pre cum in popular speech, or perhaps more accurately as pre-ejaculate, as it is known in the medical field. The pre-ejaculate serves as a support to the sperm. It lubricates the internal wall of the urethra to give the ejaculate a smoother passage. It also neutralises the acidic environment caused by any traces of urine remaining in the urethra. Finally, it binds with sperm and semen to create a stronger environment for the sperm to survive when it enters the vagina.


In tests it has been shown that HIV exists in the majority of Pre Cum samples from infected men, so care should always be exercised during sexual contact.


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