Pre Cumpre cum

Pre cum is a clear, sticky liquid produced by males when sexually aroused. It is discharged from the tip of the penis during sexual stimulation. This is not limited to acts of foreplay, masturbation, or penetrative sex. It can be triggered by visual stimulation.

The amount produced varies greatly. Most men have no discharge at all. The majority of sufferers experience a discharge that covers the head of penis. This can leak onto underwear. In rarer cases, sufferers report an actual squirting discharge. 

A discharge is not accompanied by any kind of sensual feeling. There is nothing similar to the orgasm that accompanies ejaculation. Excessive discharge can be a source of great embarrassment. It can have a major impact on a sufferers confidence and interaction with sexual partners.

Pre cum is also known as Cowper’s fluid, Pre ejaculate, Pre ejaculatory fluid, or Pre seminal fluid.

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What is Pre Cum?

We are generally talking about the actual discharge of fluid from the tip of the penis. Most men do not experience this at all. This does not mean that the body does not produce the liquid. Nearly all post-pubescent males will produce this liquid.  In most cases the quantities produced are not enough for the excess to be discharged from the urethra.

What Causes it?

A weakening of the parasympathetic nerves and PC muscle. These are generally considered the main causes of leakage. The parasympathetic nerves control the body’s reactions during sexual arousal. They keep the ejaculation and pre ejaculate valves closed. A weakening of these nerves can drain the amount of bioenergy (sexual energy) in a man. This can lead to a number of conditions. These include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of erection, and pre ejaculate leakage.

The PC muscle (Pubococcygeus muscle) is primarily used for urine control. It also acts a the floor of the pelvis. It supports the organs within the pelvic area. A weakness in the PC muscle reduces the support given to the pelvic organs. This contributes to a number of penile conditions, including excess pre cum.

Pre Ejaculate Production

The majority of the pre seminal fluid is produced by the Bulbourethral Gland. The Littre Gland also contributes on a smaller scale. Men have two Bulbourethral Glands positioned below the prostate. The Littre glands primary function is to produce mucus that protects the urethra.

Pre Ejaculate Function

There has been debate over the actual function of this substance for many years. Along with a lack of medical research in this area, it has resulted in a great deal of confusion in the information available on the condition. It is now time to bring some clarity to the subject.

It has three main functions in the reproductive system. These support the safe and efficient transfer of sperm from man to woman.

  1. It neutralizes the acidity of the urethra caused by residual urine. Acid creates a hostile environment for sperm. The alkaline composition of pre cum neutralizes the acid in the urethra. This creates a more favorable environment for the sperm to travel through.
  2. It lubricates the inner wall of the urethra. This promotes a smoother passage for the discharge of sperm.
  3. It coagulates with the sperm and the semen to increase mobility of the sperm when inside the vagina.


There are other supposed functions of pre ejaculate to be found on the internet. It is important to dismiss theories that are wildly inaccurate and based on assumptions rather than scientific evidence. Unfortunately, a lack of research in the area makes it difficult to disprove these theories conclusively. In this event, the best that we can do is apply logic and common sense to separate the real facts from any circumstantial results.

  1. It is not produced to assist lubrication during sexual intercourse. Many writers have jumped to the conclusion that it is produced as a lubricant. This does not stand up to the actual facts. Lubrication for sexual intercourse is produced entirely by the vagina. If the body intended pre ejaculate to act as a lubricant then it would occur in the vast majority of men. Rather than the relatively small number it does affect. It is inaccurate and misleading for some major websites to make this claim. Any sexual lubrication achieved in this way is merely a by-product of excessive discharges. It is not an actual bodily function.
  2. It is not a method the body uses to flush out urine and foreign matter from the urethra. Again, if this was the case it would happen to virtually all men, rather than the considerable minority. Again, this is merely a by-product. It will pick up foreign matter as it travels through the urethra. But this is not what the body creates it for. Flushing out foreign matter from the urethra is a function that urine fulfills.


Early reports suggested that about 1 in 10 teen to adult males are affected with the condition of excessive pre cum production. But there is little scientific evidence to make an accurate assessment to support this hypothesis. What is certain is that sufferers are in the minority. But it does affect a large enough group of men for it to be researched in greater detail.

Research into the Condition

Excessive pre cum is not viewed as a major medical concern. Rather it is perceived as a personal issue. Because of this, very little research has been conducted in the area. The tests that have been conducted have used such small test samples of men that the results are largely seen as unreliable.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change. Research has now become more sociological than medical. New discoveries in dealing with the condition and identifying common triggers are primarily found through online discussion rather than any dedicated medical research.

Some of the areas where research is particularly weak are in the type of men affected, such as:

  1. The effects of ageing on pre cum. While it has been shown that the Bulbourethral Glands reduce in size with age, there has been no research into how this affects the level produced. Does it increase, decrease, or remain the same as we get older?
  2. Does a man’s weight or build have an effect?
  3. Does ethnic origin have any bearing?
  4. Do environmental factors have an influence, such as hot and cold weather, or wet and dry climates?

These questions are unlikely to be answered by medical research any time soon. The free exchange of ideas and experiences of people in an online forum can promote greater understanding of the condition and give sufferers ideas and suggestions on how to treat it.

One thing that has emerged from research online is that a number of men have claimed the amount they produce has reduced considerably, once they have become comfortable in a relationship with another person. In some cases it has been eliminated completely, Clearly, this will not be the same for everyone. But it does suggest that in some cases anxiety and nervousness around a potential sexual partner can have an impact. 

It has always been difficult to pinpoint triggers for the condition. Men have tended to suffer with the embarrassment in private. It is now time for the online community to approach this issue. With open and frank discussion, we can establish common themes in sufferers and exchange ideas on successful ways to treat this condition.

What has certainly been demonstrated by the online community is that there are a large number of success stories in combating this condition. There are ways to reduce the amount of pre cum produced, and in many cases, eliminate it completely.

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