Pre Cum and STDs

What are the dangers of Pre Cum and STDs?pre cum and stds

It’s a common question found on forums and answer sites. Can you contract an STD from pre cum? Well yes you can, and the dangers are much higher than people think.

Pre Cum, or pre ejaculate as it is also known, is produced in the Cowper’s Glands, two small pea-sized glands that reside at the base of the penis inside the body. These glands are subject to infection and can support bacterial and viral STDs.

Pre Cum and Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea infects the urethra (the tube inside the penis for passing urine and sperm) and the glands that support human reproduction. This means the Cowper’s glands can support gonorrhea. If this condition is not treated, the infection can stay within the Cowper’s Gland for a considerably long time. It is therefore possible that during oral sex, gonorrhea can be transmitted via pre cum even without the male ejaculating. This can lead to Throat Gonorrhea.

Pre Cum and Chlamydia

Chlamydia acts in a similar way to Gonorrhea. It can survive in the Cowper’s gland for a very long time, and can be transmitted through contact with pre cum. Again, it is possible to contract Throat Chlamydia in this way. The gland is prone to bacterial infections. When bacterial infections are involved the chances of contracting a viral STD increase significantly.

Pre Cum and HIV

There has been small scale research into the potential of pre cum transmitting the HIV virus. Results showed that HIV is almost always present in the pre cum of infected men. The risks of transmitting the HIV virus increase exponentially when the carrier is also infected with a bacterial STD such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.

Pre Cum and other STDs

You can catch other STDs from pre cum as well. It is not limited to Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV. Other STDs than can be transmitted via pre cum include (but are not limited to) Herpes, HPV, Trichomoniasis, Hepatitis and Syphilis, along with many bacterial STDs.

The Solution

It has been said repeatedly, but it is as true now as it ever was. It is important to insist on condoms to counter the threat of STD transmission. Pre Cum HIV, and other Pre Cum STDs pose a significant risk.


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