Pre Cum Pregnancy Research to datepre cum pregnancy research

Over the years, there has been very little pre cum pregnancy research.

Pre cum pregnancy research was conducted in 1966 by sex research pioneers Masters & Johnson. While their research into pre cum was not detailed, they did report that coitus interruptus (the act a withdrawing before ejaculation) was not a valid birth control technique. This was due to the risks of pre cum collecting residual sperm from inside the urethra. 

Since the Masters & Johnson research, a number of small scale studies have been conducted. These tests used a sample size of between 4 and 23 men. The results from these tests found no sperm in pre cum. They concluded that pre cum does not pose a risk of causing unwanted pregnancy.

But there were issues with these tests. The biggest issue was that the samples were analyzed more than two minutes after they were produced. Two minutes is regarded as the critical point in this research. Analysis carried out after this time is unlikely to find motile sperm as it has probably dried within that time.

In an attempt to establish more definite results, a team of researchers and 27 male volunteers carried out a test  in March 2011. Pre cum samples were analyzed within two minutes of being produced. The researchers found that 11 out of the 27 men (over 40%) produced pre cum samples containing sperm. 10 of these samples had a significant amount of motile sperm (between 1 million and 35 million).

Common belief is that urinating after ejaculation flushes out any sperm remaining in the urethra. Some of the volunteers in the study who produced sperm in their pre cum, had urinated before they produced their sample. 

The findings suggest that men can leak sperm into their pre cum. The researchers didn’t go any further into these findings and provided no suggestions as to how this could happen. More importantly the researchers admitted that some of the volunteers who gave a sample containing sperm, may actually have used their ejaculate. This may have been to avoid the embarrassment of failing to produce pre cum. So unfortunately, we are left with another inconclusive test that raises more questions than it answered.

Pre Cum Pregnancy Research in the Future

What is certain is that further investigation is required by the medical community into the risks involved. The tests that have been conducted are not seen as conclusive. But they do suggest that the risks of getting pregnant from pre cum are very real. This is backed up by the large amount of women who claim to have become pregnant despite having used Coitus interruptus as a form of birth control. There are currently no plans for further pre cum pregnancy research. 


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