Pre Cum HIV Riskspre cum hiv

Very little research has been conducted into Pre Cum HIV. While the two tests that have been conducted did provide some results, there were a number of questions left unanswered. Let’s start by looking at what has been established:

  • Tests on men infected with HIV proved that pre cum can contain HIV
  • The HIV virus within pre cum is motile, and can be transferred to another person

Beyond this, very little factual data was uncovered. In some cases the results have been misinterpreted. Most significantly in the concentration of HIV present within pre cum.

Pre Cum HIV Misconceptions

It is widely believed that pre cum contains a lower concentration of HIV than that contained in semen. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this. There is nothing in the results of either test to suggest that this is true. It may well be lower, or it could be higher, or it could be roughly the same, we just do not know. But it is important that you do not fall under the misapprehension that pre cum contains a lower concentration of HIV than semen does.

The risk of infection from pre cum is lower than from ejaculation, but this is only because of the amount of fluid generally produced. The risk increases with the amount of pre cum discharged.

Another misconception with HIV is that it cannot be transmitted through oral sex. Oral sex can lead to infection with HIV, but the risks are believed to be very low. Similarly, Pre Cum HIV can be transferred in this way, but the risks are minimal.

Pre Cum and other STDs

The risk of transferring HIV increase if the infected person has also contracted another STD such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia. These bacterial infections affect the urethra, and infected cells can be pushed out the tip of the penis by pre cum. These cells can contain a higher concentration of HIV. Having another STD also increases the risk of transferring HIV through oral sex.

Pre Cum HIV Research

One of the greatest difficulties in this area is that research is highly unlikely to be conducted into this area in the foreseeable future. There is absolutely no data on how many people have ever been infected with Pre Cum HIV. There have been claims from people that they have caught HIV from pre cum, even through oral sex, but it is impossible to substantiate these claims. What can be established is that the risk does exist and care should be always be taken.

Pre Cum HIV is a very real threat.

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