Personal Stories from Pre Cum Sufferers

I am looking for volunteers to share their personal stories of their struggles with excessive pre cum. You do not need to use your real name. This section is intended to show new sufferers that they are not alone in dealing with the condition. Your words could inspire and help a fellow sufferer. If you would like to share your story with the world, please e-mail me at

Matt’s story

Hi. My name is Matt, and I am the owner of

I began suffering with excessive pre cum in my early teenage years. Like most teenage boys I was easily aroused at the most inappropriate of times. I started noticing a sticky patch of liquid in my underwear and a glistening on the tip of my penis. I had no understanding of what it was. But as I had never heard anyone else speaking about this happening to them, I assumed it was not natural. This caused me great embarrassment at a time when I was just beginning to discover my body.

I later assumed it was semen leakage, and I put a great deal of effort into ensuring no-one found out about my problem. I would find reasons to be excused from swimming class, and would often wash my own underwear to prevent being embarrassed in front of my family.

I was too embarrassed to date, and throughout my teenage years, I never went further than kissing a girl. Such was my shame. I finally lost my virginity at age 21. This was a great turning point for me. I still felt the need to hide the condition as best as I could, but I wanted to learn more, and so I began researching.

My first discoveries were that I suffered from excessive pre cum, and that this condition affected up to 1 in 10 men. I realized there may well have been other guys in my class in high school who suffered in silence like me. I found bits of information on the condition all over the internet. What intrigued me the most were the treatments that other pre cum sufferers had found to cure this condition.

I tried everything I could. I avoided eating spicy food. I tried fenugreek and honey. I stopped drinking coffee. I didn’t drink alcohol. I did all the healthy lifestyle stuff I was told would help me, and it did nothing. Later I got into the herbal remedy side, trying safed musli, ashwagandha, and shilajit, but still no change in my condition. Having tried the herbal cures for almost 2 years, I gave up on finding a cure for my excessive pre cum.

A couple of years later I started hearing about the success men were having with certain exercise techniques. I followed a course for penile lengthening that other pre cum sufferers had claimed success with. At first I saw no results. I knew this was not going to be a solution that worked overnight, so I continued with the exercises.  And I am so glad I did. It took a while, but then I started seeing some very encouraging results. I have now seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of pre cum I produce, and it has had a considerable affect on my life. I feel more confident in myself, and much more comfortable speaking to women.

My journey is not over. I still have issues with the condition, but I am truly hopeful that by continuing with this treatment I will eliminate it.

I started this website to share the knowledge I had gained about the condition, and because all the information online was split among many sites. I wanted to bring all the information into one place, where sufferers could exchange ideas and find advice on ways to treat the condition.

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  1. P.K says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am P.K Nair from India. I appreciate your efforts for putting all the informations at one place which can be utilised by everyone easily. I would like to add something in it. Precum, Prostatorrhea are same thing and exercise may not help completely. It may give you confidence but full cure can be received from only Aurvedic treatment. I read your article wherein you mentioned some ayurvedic medicines. I would add few more with your list which is chandraprabhavati which is unique traditional ayurvedic medicine and specially made for this problem. Continuous use of this medicine can cure you completely within 2/3 months and you will feel great in your health. Next one is Energic 31 capsule which is also having good result; you may feel the effect within 1/2 week after use. Further, you may have some good diet especially dry fruits are best during the treatment. Green vegetable and light food must be taken during treatment. One of my friend was giving the aurvedic medicine for this but unfortunately i missed out his contact but he was using aurvedic plants (jadi buti) in power form and you will not believe the effect of medicine can be felt by taking first dose. Last but not least I would suggest this kind of treatment is time taking and suffers must have patience. I am sure if anybody who is suffering from this problem can try any one above medicine. He will have great results soon. My research is going on and I will update if there is something new.

    • B Jibran says:

      HI Mr P.K Nair and Mr. Matt
      thanks for sharing such useful information
      Mr. PK Nair i want to ask you that have you got the number of your friend who gives this ayurvedic medicine for stopping this leakage
      or can you be able to find the contact number and give it to me
      and what can be best for curing this problem
      any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
      thanks again

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your contribution to the site P.K.

    Some valuable information there about Ayurveda treatments.

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