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No Pre Cum – what’s the deal?no pre cum

Most men show no visible signs of having pre cum. Does this mean that their bodies do not produce pre cum? No, it certainly does not. Virtually all healthy men produce pre cum. There are two main differences between having a visible amount of pre cum, and having none:

  1. The cowpers gland producing excessive amounts of pre cum
  2. A leaky valve on the Cowpers gland that releases pre cum early

The perfect amount of Pre Cum

What is the perfect amount of pre cum? Some men might say that the perfect amount of pre cum is no pre cum. This is not correct. Pre cum plays a very important role in human reproduction. It neutralizes the acidity of the urethra caused by urine. It also lubricates the urethra to ease the passage of sperm. Finally, it binds with sperm and semen to travel into the vagina to create a better environment for sperm survival. So the perfect amount of pre cum, is an amount that carries out all three of these functions, but does not produce an embarrassing excess.

Treating excess Pre Cum

The techniques for treating pre cum described on this site are designed to restore the reproductive organs to their optimum state. The valve on the Cowpers gland should be healthy. It should open only at the correct time. Producing an excessive amount of pre cum could be due to a delay in achieving ejaculation. Again, this is likely due to the poor health of the male reproductive organs.

By restoring full health to the reproductive system, your body will work together effectively. It will release the pre cum at the right time, with enough fluid to carry out its intended functions successfully.

The goal of any treatment to reduce pre cum should not be to have no pre cum. The goal should be to get a healthy reproductive system. Pre cum is an important part of human reproduction. However, any pre cum discharged early through the tip of the penis is wasted. This excess should have been held within the urethra to bind with sperm and semen for a better chance of human reproduction.


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