How to stop Pre Cum – The Treatments

how to stop pre cum

If you have not done so already, I encourage you to read through the page that explains what causes pre cum first, before reading about how to stop pre cum. It explains the role of the parasympathetic nerves, and pelvic floor muscles (also known as PC muscles) that these treatments work with.

The range of treatments on how to stop pre cum can be put into one of two categories – Exercise or Herbal Remedy. While all the treatments here aim to do the same thing, they do work in slightly different ways. A herbal remedy that works for some men may not work for others. In this case perhaps an exercise based treatment is more suitable.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with treating excessive Pre Cum is that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Finding the solution that works best for you is a matter of trial and error. You may find your solution on your first attempt. Or you may have to work through the various options to find the treatment that works best for you.

An important thing to remember is that none of these treatments offer an overnight solution. Whether following a herbal routine or an exercise routine, the goal is to make gradual changes and improve the overall health within the pelvic area. This takes time. You may well see progress within the first month, but the real success stories come from men who have been working with these treatments for at least a couple of months before seeing a significant improvement.

How to Stop Pre Cum with Exerciseexercise treatment for pre cum

There are two main exercise routines that have proven to have a significant impact on the amount of pre cum produced, and in many cases to eliminate it completely. If you want to learn how to stop pre cum, this is where you start.

Lengthening Exercises

The system I am currently using, and the only one I have ever experienced any success with is Penile Lengthening exercises. These exercises are not specifically targeted at reducing pre-cum. They are designed to increase the length and girth of the penis, increase the strength of erections, and eliminate premature ejaculation. It’s effect on pre cum works in a similar way to how bodybuilders develop such powerful forearm muscles. They don’t target these muscles for growth. They grow as a by-product of clenching heavy weights while exercising other muscles such as the biceps and shoulders.

Penile Lengthening has a similar effect on the overall well-being of the male reproductive system. Reducing the amount of pre cum is a by-product of these exercises, and has repeatedly proven to be the most successful treatment in reducing and eliminating pre cum.

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It works through repeating a series of stretching exercises designed to increase the length and girth of the penis. The exercises for lengthening the penis have the added benefit of strengthening muscles inside the body. This is accompanied by exercises to increase the girth of the penis, which target the corpus cavernosum, two chambers in the penis that fill with blood to produce an erection. By increasing the size of the corpus cavernosum it improves blood flow throughout the reproductive system, generating more testosterone which feeds and strengthens the parasympathetic nerves that control the valve that leaks pre ejaculate from the Cowper’s Gland.

There are a number of different routines available for penile lengthening. Unfortunately, not all of these have such a good reputation, and some have been exposed as potentially damaging to the body. It is important to follow a respected course which has a proven success rate.

My results have been incredible. Having failed with two of the other treatments on this page, I was beginning to think that there was no solution for me. But this routine has had a dramatic impact on my life. I have seen a significant reduction in the amount of pre cum I produce, and on some occasions I have not produced any. I have not eliminated the condition, but then I have only been doing this for about three months. My penis has also experienced an increase in both length and girth as the routine sets out to achieve, but this was never my goal with this system. I only approached this system after hearing of its remarkable success in reducing pre cum.

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Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises target the pelvic floor muscles. By tensing these muscles repeatedly at various points throughout the day, it strengthens the muscles. This will raise the muscles within the pelvic floor area, providing more support to hold the reproductive organs in their proper places, and reducing the strain on these organs caused by weakened and descended pelvic floor muscles.

The benefits of this are more than just a reduction in pre cum. These exercises are usually practiced by men to tackle erectile dysfunction, stop premature ejaculation, strengthen erections, and improve bladder control. Regaining control of the pelvic floor muscles often leads to a reduction in pre cum, stronger erections and greater control over erections.

I have tried Kegel exercises and unfortunately they did not work for me. But that does not mean they won’t work for you.

How to do Kegel Exercises

This first thing you need to do is locate the pelvic floor muscle. The easiest way to do this is while urinating. Try to stop the flow using your internal muscles. Do not hold your breath, or tense your buttocks, legs or stomach. If you can do this, congratulations, you just engaged the pelvic floor muscles. Now try and engage the same muscles when not urinating. You should feel a tightening near the anus, and the muscle rising up a little inside you. It may take you a couple of attempts to get this right, but once you have done so, it is time to move on to the next stage – following a regular routine. If you are having difficulty, you can start by doing these exercises lying down on your back so that there is less pressure on the pelvic floor.

Try and follow this routine 3 times a day, and try to do them at roughly the same times every day. Morning, afternoon, and evening is perfect.

  1. – Contract the muscles and hold them for a count of five
  2. – Gently relax the muscles for a count of five
  3. – Repeat this 10 times per session.

Like any muscle group, over-exercising can lead to long term damage, so it is important that you do not over-do it, especially at the start. Within 3-4 weeks, as you improve with the exercise and the muscles strengthen, you can start to vary the routine. You can increase the amount of time you contract for, increase the number of repetitions, and even increase the speed you contract with.

One of the benefits of Kegel exercises is that you can do them anywhere. Check out the video below for more information on Kegel Exercises.


Testosterone Boosters

testosterone boosters
I have been hearing about some great results from the use of testosterone boosting supplements. As discussed on this site, boosting testosterone levels is essential to repair any damage to the sexual organs. Testosterone boosters are showing great results in reducing levels of pre-cum, correcting erectile dysfunction, and boosting libido.

As with all treatments to mend damaged body parts,  this is not an overnight solution. I highly recommend that any man suffering from any form of sexual dysfunction start a course of these supplements. The benefits they offer to the reproductive system are immense.

Be aware that not all testosterone boosters are created equal. Many of the supplements on the market have an extremely bad reputation, and should be avoided.

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How to Stop Pre Cum with Herbal Remedies

herbal treatment for pre cum

Herbal remedies focus on the overall well-being of the area being targeted. Herbal medications have been used in India to target the sexual organs for centuries. Proper use of these medicines can lead to a better distribution of nutrients, improved blood flow, and higher testosterone levels. The herbal remedies discussed here are from the Ayurveda system, where they have methods for dealing with all types of issues, including how to stop pre cum.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of traditional medicine using natural ingredients to treat a wide range of ailments, to achieve a balanced and harmonious well-being.

NF Cure Herbal Remedy

This was the first cure for pre cum that I ever tried. It is marketed as a cure for nocturnal semen leakage (wet dreams), premature ejaculation, and excessive pre cum. It focuses on the overall health of the male reproductive system by delivering nutrients to improve blood circulation, and increase testosterone levels. This improves the overall health of the reproductive organs, and increases the strength and efficacy of the parasympathetic nerves and pelvic floor muscles, in supporting the reproductive organs and controlling the valve that leaks pre cum from the Cowper’s gland.

I tried NF Cure a couple of years ago, and I have to admit that it did not work for me. I only took it for two months, but I saw no results. I have been told that it can take longer to act, but I really expected to see something within those two months. This does not mean it won’t work for you. Many people are full of praise for NF Cure and the effect it has had on their lives.

Shilajit Herbal Remedy

In Sanskrit, Shilajit means “the rock of life.” It is used in Ayrvedic medicine for a broad range of issues. These range from sexual potency to general well-being. Shilajit is regarded as a superfood. It treats pre cum in a similar way to NF Cure (in fact, NF Cure contains some Shilajit). It improves the overall health of the reproductive system by increasing blood flow, boosting testosterone levels, and distributing nutrients efficiently.

I have never tried Shilajit, but from what I have found during research, it has a greater success rate than NF Cure. This does not mean it will be better for you as an individual, but overall it shows a higher level of success in curing both excessive pre cum, and premature ejaculation. When combined with the other benefits Shilajit offers overall to your general health, it is definitely something worth considering.

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There are many different types of Shilajitavailable on the market, but from what I have read, it is widely agreed that Black Shilajit is the most potent and effective.

Combining Treatments

You can of course, combine some of these methods. While I would avoid combining the two exercise treatments, combining one of the herbal remedies with Penile Lengthening or Kegel exercises could speed up the process, especially if you suffer from serious excessive pre cum.

Overall Assessment

From all the research I have carried out, the top 3 most successful treatments for excessive pre cum are:

pre cum success


  1. Penile Lengthening Exercises
  2. Testosterone Boosting Supplements
  3. – Shilajit


But it doesn’t end there. I want to hear from you. If you have experienced success with any other method then please let me know so I can include it here. I also want to hear from you if you have had success or failure with any of the methods listed here. Either leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I want to update this page with any treatments that you have had success with. So if you know how to stop pre cum, please get in touch.

How to stop pre cum? – Just take action. And don’t forget to claim your free bottle of TestoPure while stocks last.