So… Can Pre Cum get you Pregnant?pregnant from pre ejaculate

It is a question found all over sex education sites on the internet, Can pre cum get you pregnant?

The answer is YES. Pre cum can get you pregnant. The Cowpers gland is responsible for the production of pre cum, which is also called pre-ejaculate, pre seminal fluid, or pre-nut. While this gland does not produce any sperm itself, the pre-ejaculate it does produce can pick up sperm left over inside the urethra from a previous ejaculation. If this is then discharged from the tip of the penis, the active sperm can be passed to a female which can lead to pregnancy.

Some facts to consider

To give an indication of the level of risk involved, let me put it into figures for you:

  • Around 250 million sperm cells are produced in an average healthy ejaculation
  • Only around 98% of sperm is actually discharged from the urethra
  • This leaves about 5 million active sperm still inside the body
  • It only takes 1 sperm to fertilize an egg, and cause pregnancy

Another thing to remember is that the function of pre cum is to create a healthy environment for sperm. During ejaculation pre-ejaculate binds with semen and sperm and travels into the vagina to create a healthier environment. So a discharge of pre cum doesn’t just flush out sperm. Sperm likes pre cum. Sperm wants to get into the healthy environment offered by pre cum.

If you search around baby forums, and sexual health forums, in answer to the question “Can pre cum get you pregnant?” you will find many stories of pre cum babies.

How long does the risk last?

It is widely believed that the left over sperm remains active in the urethra until the man urinates which flushes it all out, and ends the danger of pregnancy from pre cum. I strongly believe that this is not 100% guaranteed.

Take a look at this image of the male reproductive system.


can pre cum get you pregnant

Urine is released from the Bladder down the urethra and out of the tip of the penis. Notice the journey sperm takes from the Testis, through the Ductus Deferens and into the prostate. The sperm doesn’t enter the urethra until a little further down. Any sperm caught in these areas before entering the urethra will be safe from being flushed out during urination. If it then leaks into the urethra, the man will have active sperm that can be transferred to a woman.

There are valves in the reproductive system to prevent this leakage, but it is weakened valves that produce discharges of pre cum, and so there is a possibility of weakened valves in other areas. The chances are minimal. The urine will flush out virtually all left over sperm, but when you look at the figures discussed earlier, it only takes one stray sperm to cause pregnancy. On a personal level, I have noticed on many occasions that when I have urinated shortly after an ejaculation, within about 10 minutes I experience a discharge that looks like pre cum from the tip of my penis. While this is an untested area, it seems quite unbelievable to me that anyone could state categorically that this could not contain active sperm.

In any event, the solution is clear. If you do not want a baby, use a condom. The withdrawal method known as coitus interruptus is not a safe form of contraception.

Can pre cum get you pregnant? – Yes it most definitely can. Read more,  is there sperm in pre cum?