Can Pre Cum Cause Pregnancy

I have a question…can pre cum cause pregnancy

Every week I see questions on Yahoo Answers asking “Can Pre Cum Cause Pregnancy” or “is there sperm in pre cum?” Despite all the information online, and the many times this question has been repeated on Yahoo answers, the facts just don’t seem to be getting through to people.

I do my best to answer these questions on the site. To give people a truthful answer to this question. It is most commonly a question asked by over eager youngsters who have recently employed the “pull-out” method of birth control (coitus interruptus), and are now panicking over the possibility of being pregnant.

The message I try to convey to these people is always the same. If you do not wish to get pregnant, then the “pull out” method is ineffectual, and proper birth control should be used. Trying to communicate the message that pre cum can collect any motile sperm left in the urethra and carry it into a woman is getting increasingly difficult, due to the range of answers given by other people on these question and answer sites.

In many cases responses are quite derisory. Telling youngsters to “grow up” when they have genuine concerns is not going to help the issue. If anything, it will stop people from asking questions. If you have a subject such as pre cum, where there is a real lack of education on the subject, then it is important to respond constructively, with words of compassion, and genuine guidance. Only then can people (particularly youngsters) be guided into the correct way to deal with issues.

I always try to direct anyone reading the entry to pregnancy forums and online parenting chat rooms. You do not have to look far to find women who have become pregnant through pre cum (i.e. there was no ejaculation inside the vagina.)

Can Pre Cum Cause Pregnancy, and other queries

Questions about can pre cum on these Q&A sites range from genuine concern, to some absolutely ridiculous questions, such as whether someone can get pregnant from pre cum being rubbed on their clothing. Ultimately though, this just shows the lack of understanding of the dangers pre cum poses to people. Not just with pregnancy, but also with sexually transmitted diseases.

So the next time you see the question “can pre cum cause pregnancy?” please try to share the guidance I offer on this site.

For more information on this issue please see Can pre cum get you pregnant.

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